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Key2Life is an Emergency Medical Record Storage device that has the ability to store all of your medical information. Going far beyond the typical medical alert bracelet, it has the ability to store a complete medical file including copies of insurance cards, driver’s licenses, medical tests, and more.

It is also capable of holding information for several individuals on the same device. This information will be readily available to a medical professional in an emergency situation to speak for you when you can’t speak by identifying allergies, implant devices, and more including emergency contact information.

It may also be used to provide copies of your file or tests from doctor to doctor. Copies of x-rays, blood tests, etc may be uploaded onto the bracelet.

It is also a convenient method of storing and carrying your list of medications.

The device is easy to use. It may be plugged into any usb drive. The information can be opened for viewing by clicking on the Emergency folder on the drive. The program is totally safe and will not harm your computer. The program is self-contained and will not load the information onto the computer but which eliminates the possibility of carrying a virus on the receiving computer.

It does have the ability to print the information from the bracelet and to backup the information to your computer if you choose to do so.
While anyone who has the bracelet may view the information as needed in an emergency situation. The information is password protected and can only be changed by the owner.

With several attractive styles to choose from, you can select the one that best sets your style and sensibilities.

The average medical alert bracelet is approximately $25 to $60 yet they generally only have the ability to have small bits of information engraved on them or printed on a tiny piece of paper stored inside the bracelet. Key2Life devices can contain your entire medical file for you as well as several other individuals.

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